Harsh Times, not only in South Africa, but the World

Things have been rough in the geopolitical sphere for a while now, but this most people have noticed to a degree I think since one can often hear them speaking about it in little groups, but as individual cases not linked together, and I am guessing, not totally grasping the influence in how it will define us as human beings in a time to come in the not so distant future I believe.

The gap between the “Have’s” and the “have not’s” are growing wider every single moment, never mind day.  

Oxfam has released a report stating that in 2016 the richest 1% of the population will own more than half of the World’s wealth. A staggering wake up call if one realizes that this means 80 of the richest billionaires will own the same amount as that of the bottom 50% of the Earth’s population!

How on Earth did we get to this point?  Where the gap is so gigantic and so unevenly spread?

Well, we forgot who we are, where we came from, and what our actual goal must be, and somewhere, along the journey we started out as wandering nomads, we forgot, or maybe just neglected the fact that we are all “stuck” on this little blue Goldilocks planet, and that we must evolve to explore beyond our current limitations.  Simply put, we stopped evolving and started devolving.

The dissident and the uproar of voices from the “have not’s” has been slowly, but steadily been climbing because of the steady flow of information in this digital age, the easy accessibly to this information, and also very often, misinformation.

Regardless of the misinformation, the tolerance for corrupt leaders who “lead” from a position of opulence is dwindling as more and more suffer the instabilities and unjust standards of living, or maybe I should say existence to which the majority of the Earth’s populace are subjected.

An example of this would be the grown disparity between the “have not’s” in South Africa, most of them from the “previously disadvantaged” who gained freedom through the efforts of liberators such and knowledgeable men like Mandela, Biko, De Klerk to name a few.  These “have not’s” as a majority group of the black populace of South Africa are mostly still disadvantaged, and little to nothing has changed for them since the end of Apartheid South Africa.

I want to stop a moment here to sketch you a picture of why these “have not’s”  will soon come into revolt against a system which is not working for them.

The Steyn City’s of South Africa is a glaring example of how the capitalistic way of life accompanied by globalization.  Of course these are not the only factor which brought to life the abomination of the Have’sand the “have not’s”  that is today the “Class Divide”, but this does not matter to the “have not”, because he does not care how it came to be, he just knows that it is unjust for him to live either in squalor, or to slave away at an average job, living an average life in order to maintain the opulent lifestyle of the “Have’s”.

Evidence in this can be seen in uprisings all over South Africa.  Yes, uprisings, not protests, because there is a very clear difference between the two.

A Protest is defined as the following:
A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something

Where as an Uprising can be defined as the following:
An act of resistance or rebellion; a revolt

A few examples of the unhappiness about the normal run of the day Modus Operandi of the South African Government can been seen in the often, and very often violent “service delivery protests” which is going on around South Africa today, for example Marikana, Randfontein, Alexandra and for me, which was one of the most important and significant uprisings, the Ficksburg uprising, where a man I believe to be a true patriot towards the cause of the “have not’s” gave his life, Andries Tatane.

This is a phenomenon that is sticking out it’s head all over the globe, and with increased frequency.  People who are sicked and tired of the normal Modus Operandi of their own Governments and big corporations, this, compounded by rising crime rates, the increase in violent criminal behavior, the apparent perception of social decay and the loss of moral and ethical behavior with a very real increase in the costs of survival is opening up the eyes of the people to a great extent, where I believe that full on revolutions, the likes of the French Revolution and the Russian October Revolution is in our collective near future if things don’t change drastically.

Political turmoil all over the globe has pushed up the instability that we as a species experience, and this turmoil is mostly caused by our very own greed factor, the need to have more than one can use.

To quote a great man who has made a profound impression on my life:

The miracle is this:  The more we share the more we have” – the late Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

He also coined it in his role on board the Star-ship Enterprise in the movie Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan when he said famously said ” Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

This my friends is just a peep into the crisis we as a collective human race face. Only together will we be able to survive the onslaught on our humanity which we are going to face in the not so distant future.


South Africa – Home of the Rich, Powerful and Destitute

“Cry the beloved country” … I know the novel was written before Apartheid, but these days I can’t help but wonder if the feeling I am having now might have been the same which Alan Paton experienced when he wrote the novel.

Today was a good day, well for me and most of the tax paying, working class South Africans out there of course.  I drove home in my own car, I stopped on the way home at the Pick & Pay and bought a pork fillet, two big potatoes, mixed vegetables and 6 beers, all in all about R80 worth of consumables.

Bliss I would say …  Except that lately food has a bitter after taste, not because I added to much garlic, or stuffed up the cooking process somehow.  No, this is because of what I see every day when I drive to work, because of what I read in the papers, because of what I see on the streets.


The picture above is of Alexandra, a mostly informal settlement with no basic services.  Imagine, no running water, no electricity, no gas, no sewerage! These are one of the places I drive past to get to my work, but it’s obscured by “scenery” like the picture below.


Sandton City, home of Nelson Mandela Square with a statue of Madiba, and only 6km away from the heart of Alexandra Township.  The Nelson Mandela the world got to know as the person who wanted everyone equal.

One can almost call the Great South African Cataclysm … the rift between these two places are growing daily, and understanding between these two worlds are quickly disappearing, and I for one fully understand why.

Our Government has failed us, not unlike most governments across the world, but what is happening here, and because I know what we as a people are capable of is killing me slowly from the inside to the point where I am slowly but surely building up a hatred towards the Government, and, if me, a normal tax paying citizen who can afford a decent meal with luxuries are feeling this way, then I can’t help but wonder how my not so fortunate brethren in Alex are feeling now.

South Africa is unique, through our common struggle to survive we have build up a symbiosis, the groups can’t live without each other, but the way things are we are being forced even further and further apart, every day it becomes more clear and clear.

People staying in places like Sandton and Houghton, houses worth anything from R20 million to R100 million, with their own security force, running water, electricity, gas, everything the rich and wealthy can hope buy … forgetting about the people who live of R20 000.00 per year or less, and the things they can only hope for ..

Viva Zuma and his R170 million revamp on his personal house … which the taxpayer is paying for … which could have build 7 000 RDP houses with water, electricity and sewage!