Can’t wait for the new Wave, even though it scares me

On a bit of an anarchistic note;

I can’t wait for a Civil Society in South Africa, but it scares me to think what we will most likely go through to achieve that goal.

Che Guevara said the following

The feeling of revolt will grow stronger every day among the peoples subjected to various degrees of exploitation, and they will take up arms to gain by force the rights which reason alone has not won them.

This is what scares me, and I hope we could find a way around it, but can a Revolution truly be without bloodshed?

Or have we paid enough through the years, the years under the Apartheid system, and now under the Rainbow Nation? Paid with the blood of our loved ones because of a decedent ANC led Government who can’t clamp down on violent crime?

I believe that we have paid enough for the mistakes, driven by human greed of those who came before us.

Now it is time that we make our voices heard and stand up against a Government that is only in play as to satisfy their goals for self enrichment.

We should take this stance to every Government around the world who make the people their slaves.

Winter is coming for the “New” South Africa

It is very very cold today, a massive cold front has moved over South Africa and we are all stuck in doors.  You might think that is bad, but we are the lucky ones.  The maximum temperature for today was 12 degrees Celsius, but with the wind sheer factor it has come down to about 5 degrees, tonight we are dipping below freeze point.

At least 70% of South Africa is freezing out there today, tonight; living in shanty towns, some without basics like running water or electricity.

Ironic that this morning I would read the paper and see the results of an opinion poll done in South Africa regarding Jacob Zuma, a man shrouded by controversy, someone who’s tainted reputation seems only to be overshadowed by painting about him with his private parts exposed, something which nearly ignited violent protests from his die hard “sheeple” and which brought to light the deep, and well hidden racial divide which is still plaguing our country.

This poll suggests that 60% of the ANC voter base believe that Zuma is doing his job.  Last year in the same poll he scored 61%.

How on days like today, can so many people really believe that Zuma delivered onto them which he and his morally corrupt Government officials promised them?

I know that, some might say it is their own fault, but I would beg to differ.  Education plays a big part, and there is something which I’ve noticed over the few years I’ve been around on this speckle of water of and dust in the cosmos, and that is that misery loves company.

In this case the miserable,  the ANC, their various offshoots like the ANCYL and ANCWL along with their alliance partners like Cosatu love to keep people ignorant, that is why during times of unrest and protests the first to join up are the youths, they get forcibly removed from schools and made to join in the marches.  I am sure many of the disillusioned youths join the unrests just because they believe they are entitled to something, as if the world owes them something, and gets that feeling  satisfied with cheap free party shirts, some KFC and a speech about how ground will be given to them, that they will enjoy economic freedom if the “whites” relinquish their land and give it to the masses.

I genuinely feel for these easily impressed youths and their parents who cling to the promises made by the corrupt political elite.

Today is no day for homeless people to be out on the street, today is no day for any man, women or child to be without the warmth which electricity could provide.

I shall pray that the political elite start delivering on their promises,  but I will not hold my breath, because the next Winter is coming.

The Spear, The 1 Year Old and our Decadent Society

I’ve been quiet for some time after hitting a speed wobble of note, mostly because I put to much faith in other people, but I’ve decided to start taking up the pen again, and to pen down ideas and to share them with like minded individuals who are not content with the world being the way it is …

I’ve been following the local news the last couple of weeks and wondering to myself how far will we as a society actually fall, and, though I am not medical expert it looks like we are in for one hell of a ride.

There was as big bang about a certain painting by a white artist who has the habit of ridiculing the last ethically and morally corrupt governments we had, and currently have in South Africa.

One of his ways of ridiculing the current government was by doing an exhibition on called Hail to the Thief II, which portrayed our liberation movement and in particular, one of it’s current national leaders, who also happen to be South Africa’s president who came into power because of a few fancy dance moves, a couple of thousand T-shirts and a good PR team who knows how to play the tribalism card, how to make empty promises and to hammer the “faults” of the Apartheid system with the “sheeple”.

The Spear

Now lets not beat around the bush, South Africa’s president’s name has came up a lot of times in the past, and it was mostly due to the fact that he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar or because his trousers were on his ankles …

This is a man with an obviously colorful, yet seemingly tainted history, and anyone with half a working braincell should be able to see this, but sadly, they don’t.  The PR machine employed by the leading party who is also the in control of the Government can not allow for this to happen, so they hammer again on something which will divide the players … the RACE card.

They blew it up so much that another enterprising artist took to painting a Eugene Terreblanche painting, reading out of the Bible to his killer whom I will not name because I will not contribute in turning him into a martyr, hinting towards the possibility that Eugene sodomized the man.

I just shook my head and had a smile, because apparently this was news worthy …

My real issues are with articles like the one I am about to portray

A 1 year old black girl only got justice after 4 years because of a inept judicial system, a system which is very lenient on sadistic crimes, hate crimes and acts of barbarism.

The mother’s 22 year old boyfriend took the girl for a day, he raped her, and took her back to her mother as if nothing has happened.

And do you know what attraction it got?

72 comments after nearly 6 hours only (at the time of writing this piece) … The Spear of course drew about 300 comments in the first hour alone.

After being witness to this spectacle in the media and in human behavior over the last couple of weeks I wonder if we as a species are worth while saving, some of us are desperately clinging to the last bit of moral fiber we have left; but as a whole, do we really deserve to be the apex species on this planet?

Why is it we put so much time and effort into fighting each other over a painting, why do we fight each other over race and culture? Does it really matter when things like this is happening in society all around us?

Why are we not fighting the criminal aspect of our society?!?

I am not sure …

What I am sure of though is that I will not idly sit by and watch the world and society decay around me, I WILL strive and fight to better my immediate environment, I will carry on my spirit of Ubuntu to the next person, and that person will too better his or her immediate environment, and this chain reaction will change the world in the long run.

I do not know who you are, but if you are reading this then know this, I love you as a brother, a sister … please keep on fighting the good fight and never give up hope as I can only assume that you have been searching … this is what it means to have a purposeful driven life.

Frustration, how it can breed hate

Yesterday when I spoke to my mother she was truly fed up and it got me thinking about how a big contribution failed service delivery and inapt AA and BEE candidates made towards white on black racism in South Africa.

So, a little bit of history to explain where I am coming from on this.

The Old Lady gave about 30 years of her life to hundreds of children teaching maths, 10 years at white schools, and 20 at a black school.  Before she retired, the Education Department told her she would be getting X on a monthly basis, but it turned out that she is now getting Y, and the difference is big, being a lot less than she budgeted on.

Today she can’t come right with the Education Department’s “helpful” staff, because none are willing to really do something about her problem or are just to incompetent to do something about it, and that accompanied by the Mangaung Municipality’s dodgy water and electricity readings are driving her up the walls to the point where she, as a liberal aunty who always taught me to have respect and understand for people of all colours and social standing are making racial slurs.

She NEVER used the “K-Word”, and she even scolded me something fierce when I popped out of my car and shouted obscenities to taxi drivers who think they are above the law for some strange reason and drive on the shoulder of the road while the rest of us law abiding commuters are stuck in traffic, sometimes kicking up small boulders that chip windows and dent panels.

Well, never, until her trouble started with the above mentioned government, and partially government owned institutions.

I myself have experienced it, loads of times, especially when you go into Pretoria central and you see the inefficient way things are being done at the State departments, and it is always a mission to get something done.

I then realised how through a failed policy the Government helped to polarise the country.  Instead of decent skills transfer the ANC lead Government choose to get rid of the skilled people as quick as possible and to get their Cadre deployment up and running because of the promises they made, it was first noticeable in State departments and then it spread to the private sector in the form of AA and BEE.

Simply, most of the people who now were in control did not have the skills to deliver services or maintain the existing infrastructure, and to top it all off they literary raped the Education System to churn out less than desirable candidates who were, until recently fed utter rubbish in the form of propaganda from a certain Youth League that they are entitled to the riches of the land by becoming party members, and not by working for it.

It breaks my heart to hear my Mom utter those words, but, she is running into a wall of bureaucracy, with all the people she turns to being black and not willing to help her out once and for all, and having had the same type of issue before with Home Affairs I can understand how this can breed hate and resentment.

Bottom line is, we need to educate our people, each and every one of them, give them a decent upbringing as far as possible, and get rid of teachers who are only in it for the money, then we can produce a new generation with more than sufficient skills to run a country and who will not be fooled by empty promises by the crooked spin doctors who are now in the foreground of South African politics.

This will most definitely close the gap in the racial divide and smother the breeding ground of hate, not only on one side, but on both.

Knowledge is power, and in gaining knowledge our minds will be set free, and we will be able to build an efficient country delivering more than just basic services to everyone!

Racism – The Easy Choice

We, as a Rainbow Nation were off to such a good “restart” after the 1994 elections; but sadly it looks like our Rainbow Nation might be just as racially polarised as it was before then, or it might be worse, but everyone is so politically correct that it is sickening.

I  count myself as one of the lucky ones, I escaped most indoctrination from the then National Party government, my mother was liberal, having coloured friends, whom she still has today, 30 odd years later, and my father was way too liberal for my liking since he supported the ANC movement’s goals.

My young mind was stimulated with all types of information in the form of books, television and sounds thanks to my wonderful parents.  I remember spending my younger years running around outside, dashing into the house for a quick refill when my stomach was running on empty, teasing our then maid, now domestic worker Xaba and having a quick chat with her about where she was staying, about her kids, about school, about everything really, then dashing out to play outside again.

I was taught to “Live and let live” and to treat people, regardless of race or social standing with respect, and I could see it through the way my folks and my grandparents treated people.

To this day I live with fond memories of watching the Shaka Zulu series on TV, I remember singing We are Growing by Margaret Singana over and over while practising my warriors stance outside with a self made spear and a dustbin’s lid as a shield, I remember crying my eyes out when his two brothers killed him … I remember listening to Mango Grove’s funky pop songs with their heavy African inspired sounds.

Given, through the years I have also succumbed to the odd racial outburst and I am by no means innocent, but this was mostly due to frustration, where I would say “Fok die kaffirs” when I read about a white woman who was raped, or a white family who were slaughtered, or when I read about the corruption or something as “trivial” as animal abuse.

But then, then I remember.  I remember who I am, what I’ve been taught, and how fascinated I was with the black African cultures and Kings of days gone by; I was so impressed by their sense of nobility and bravery.  I remember and I realise what was taken from my fellow African brethren, and I remember all the good black Africans that I have met through my life, I remember that I’ve read the same type of articles in the Sowetan which reminded me that violence, murder and barbarism doesn’t only target a victim of a specific ethnic group.

Sure, violent hate crimes do happen between the colour divide,  corruption seems to be limited to select few of politically and economically connected elite,  but by judging the whole ethnic group on the actions on a corrupt few out of the 50 million odd people staying in South Africa would be to take the easy way out.

That goes for both sides of the major colour divide here in South Africa.

It is way too easy to blame a whole group than to tackle a specific problem, with specific culprits it seems, and I blame the lack of exposure to different communities and cultures along with a lack of education on both sides of the fence.

I could have easily become a white fanatical zombie after a 9mm got shoved into my face by a black man, but I didn’t, and for this I would like to thank my folks for the tolerance, understanding and compassion for my fellow human being which the instilled in my heart.

Given what I’ve written here I fully stand behind education and the transference of moral fibre between generations, and I will work tirelessly towards given the children of South Africa a chance, because they will be our Rainbow Nation’s salvation.

Freedom of the Press – Time to make your voices heard!

Call me a tad paranoid if you want, but it strikes me as funny that only after SH-Zuma’s political enemies were silenced, and the free press as we know it did their job in dishing out the filth on these enemies oh SH-Zuma, did a quick call come from up stairs to push the Bill through.

Because for whatever people say about Starvi Vuk, one cannot say that he is not a ice cold and calm strategist, pulling the right threads at the right time so that it would benefit him, this was clear when he pulled Potty Mouth Malama’s strings back when he needed him to oust Keeping on Walking Mbeki.

I have no doubt in my mind that this Secrecy Bill will go through, unless by some miracle it happens that some of those MP’s actually start caring for the good of South Africa as a whole, and not only to hide away their shame.

The Freedom of the Press should be protected by any means possible, because our Government can’t govern themselves into making the right choices, hence our need to all stand up and protect our right to know what the State is doing with our money, our futures and our lives.

Only a morally corrupt Government would need to curb the flow of information to keep them in power for as long as possible, so that they can leech and siphon off the “life” that was intended to better South Africa for everyone.

Hear me on this, I will not sit idly by and watch the patriarch hyena and his ilk, destroy this country.  I will intensify my push to get people across the colour divide to think critically and rationally, and I will do this in the way that I’ve always done, by sharing knowledge.

I will even sacrifice my leave days, which I could have spent with my family over the traditional family gathering time to go and protest as a middle class, taxpaying South African.

To quote Patrick Henry:
“Give me Liberty or give me Death!”

Because this morally corrupt Government who squabbles between themselves for riches, and who allows for a environment to exist where children in one of the most advanced and prosperous  countries in Africa dies of hunger, have no business governing me or anyone else!

The Role of Government in Modern Society

One should ask, what is the role of Government in today’s modern society?  In my eyes the role of the Government must be limited, and there should be no room for self enrichment, since we must assume that these people are in Government because of their love for the people and their country and not due to their own desires for financial and political gain.

1. They should ensure a secure and stable environment to enable free trade, innovation, development and production through securing our national borders and protect against internal threats such as racketeering, intimidation, violence and corruption, and defend the country from any external threat to our way of life.

2. They should enable the citizens of the country to better themselves in every possible way though quality education by the means of creating quality infrastructure such as housing and roads; delivering basic services like running water and electricity to each home and telecommunication for further development in regards with education.

3. They should not be allowed to have parastatals like Eskom or Telkom. Any funding which the Government give to public enterprise ventures should be seen as loans after an in depth due diligence report was drawn up, and their must be little or no interest.

4. Financial institutions should be regulated in regards with the amount of personal loans they give out to an individual, and the interest charged on these loans, as well as keep an eye on bank administrative charges.

5. Lastly, the salaries of serving political figures and leading figures in the public sector like the police and defence force should be voted on by the public themselves.

Governing the Government falls in the hands of the citizens of the country, and we should not be lax in our attitudes or our resolve towards the Government, because this creates the perfect opportunity for the human condition called Greed to raise it’s ugly head.  We voted them into power, and it is our common responsibility to make sure that they stay on the straight and narrow, long past are the days of Monarchs and Feudal Lords who believed that the peasants where there to serve their every whim, the Government is the Public’s servant.

In essence I believe that people don’t need a Government, a body or entity that will herd them like sheep or cattle into specific areas where they think it is best for livestock, and of course, from which they as the Government would stand to gain the most out of.

Sadly there is no room in today’s society for such a view, since we as human beings are not responsible enough to govern ourselves and our inherent need for greed and hoarding.

Maybe through education we will be able to move past these factors which are holding us back sometime in the future.

The Void – What will Malema’s expulsion bring?

The ANC has finally taken a strong stance against dissidents within the party, but what does that mean for the normal South African?

Very little I am sad to say.

One would be foolish to think that the expulsion of Malema and Shivambu had anything to do with the “Greater Good” of the South African society.  No, this is all about power struggles within the ANC self, and the “sickness” which befalls most African presidents,  namely the lust to stay in power for as long as possible.

Zuma didn’t axe the “little” King Maker to do South Africans a service, no, he only did it so that he can increase his chances of securing another term in office.

Great damage was done to the “young” Prince’s political career with this very calculated move by the ANC top brass, and I would say that a lot of his teeth was knocked out with the opening round, but, this does not mean he can’t bite with what is left, nor does it mean he can’t claw and scratch his way back into the party at some later stage.  Malema has made a lot of friends, friends whom he helped to get where they are through manipulating tender processes while he was in office.  One can only imagine that Malema will now start calling in favours from those who he helped to attain power, political and financial …

At least we now have a chance to try and correct the wrongs without this specific individual polarizing the country into black (good) and white (evil), us and them categories with the “endorsement” of the ANC behind him, so now to focus on our next step, to correct the wrongs.

Malema rightly pointed out the inequities between the rich and the poor, and he was said all the right things that the poor would want to hear, but it was never about the poor, it was about personal power and wealth, and getting some more mileage out of the Gravy Train before it gets bled dry by the “Predators” of whom Vavi spoke.

It is my sincere hope that people from all walks of life in South Africa will open their eyes and realise what is going on in South Africa before it is too late.  We all need to stand together to raise our moral objects about how things are being run in South Africa, we need political and economical reform before we end up as every so slowly fading light like Zimbabwe.

Malema’s Fate

Sunday marked the closing date of the internal hearing within the ANC structures regarding their Youth League President, Julius Malema and by the end of the week we should know the fate of the charismatic leader of the uneducated, and unemployable youth.

Malema has backing from the fringes of within the ANC itself.

People like Winnie Madikizela-Mandela who has a distinguished history, during Apartheid and Post-Apartheid.  She instigated people to use the “necklace” (basically shoving a tyre(s) over the victims head, dousing it with petrol, and lighting it) way of ending the Apartheid regime,  she was convicted of the murder of Stompie Moeketsi after trying to coerce him into saying that the reverent he was staying with (which was white) sexually assaulted him, and she was convicted of corruption, fraud and theft.

Then there is Tokyo Sexwale, the Dark Horse who is so squeaky clean compared to other ANC cadres that it is creepy.  The man who I suspect is patiently waiting to for his change to run the country, and for that he needs support, support he can muster from our “youthful” Youth Leader, Julius Malema.

Personally I am of the opinion that Malema, even with his high profile ANC stalwarts who are backing him, will have a hard time to survive this encounter with the ANC top brass after the comments he made about Botswana and for trying to take the “Stari Vuk” of South Africa, Jacob Zuma who was survived worse, on without thinking it through.

Then there is also the probe into his financial assets and the alleged corruption that he is involved him, along with very senior ANC officials from the Limpopo province he hails from which will most likely get him if the ANC doesn’t get their piece of meat first.

Problem being, the gap that this “young” man will leave, and the question that needs to be asked, is who is going to fill it? Someone even more militaristic?

And how long will it be before the uneducated and unemployable masses will outnumber the semi-educated and employable masses who are now backing the “Old Guard” of Mandela’s era?

I suppose only time will tell

African Absolutism – Malema’s coming of age

Julius Sello Malema

Some say he is an idiot, even more say he is the biggest idiot who have walked on the face of the earth and that he has no idea what is going on around him, that he has lost touch with the suffering of the poor … other say he is the new face of change within the ANC party, a future leader and president of South Africa … I say bollocks.

Malema - The Youth

This man (please not I did not use the term boy or youth, since I believe that one is far beyond being a youth at the age of 30) might be the incarnation of Hitler on the African continent, true to the core demagogue, with a slowly but surely growing army of unemployable, unthinking, irrational and violent minions supplied by the lack of commitment to the education system by the “ruling” ANC party,  to do his bidding because of the nationalization he preaches from his luxurious houses and cars all while playing the race card that he has called Apartheid.

Malema - ANCYL Elections

Malema is a dangerous, calculating individual who has very little respect for anything or anything around him, least to say for ethics.

He has been in the news countless of times, and almost everyone in South Africa knows of him, he is the radical and unstable individual who some adore and others hate.  He was a staunch ally of at the time incumbent presidential wanna-be Jacob Zuma, who shouted he was a 100% behind Zuma, and that they (the Youth League) would kill for Zuma, he was dragged to court over making sexist and chauvinistic remarks about the woman who claimed she was raped by Zuma, he attack then president Thabo Mbeki and he even went as far as to say Robert Mugabe was a true leader for the African people under him, and he lambasted Morgan Tsvangirai as being in league with the “Western Imperialists”

Give them Cake

Merely two weeks ago he sang praise to the despot Gadaffi who was killed after a NATO led attack on his convey.

Yes, the man sure has some odd taste, or maybe it’s just an acquired taste … something you grow into, being from a poor family and slowly working your way up the ladder of the ANCYL and becoming a prominent figure in local politics, like some would say, a “King Maker”.  It must be hard for this man to taste the riches and the power which his political connections bring him, or is it?

Malema has grown, from a skinny boy who illegally pulled down NP posters back in the days, to a a youth who battled to get through secondary school, and finally “graduated” at the age of 21 whilst failing most of his subjects to a ANCYL fat cat who allegedly has his fingers in more than a couple of tender irregularities all over the show.

Chubby Checker doing the Twist

He has friends in high places, friends who will be part of the future leaders of this country, and that scares me.

That a man, who is openly calling for “war” and threatening about blood being spilled if they (the ANCYL) do not have their way with the nationalization of mines, along with the redistribution on land without compensation and re-writing the Constitution is hailed a hero by the uneducated and unemployable youth,  masses fill me with fear.

He is a great chameleon with unequalled charisma between his peers, because he is saying all the right-wrongs are the right times, to the right target group, which is his little army, but as I said earlier, this little army is growing, and I fear for the future of my country.

For me, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Malema’s face says a lot in this last picture.

"Don't touch me on my studio"

I wish the ANC will make it a priority to ramp up the education system, at least then we know that the masses of tomorrow will not dream of pies in the sky, nor will the eat up every world about economic freedom from a despot in the making as if it was cake … They will know it’s easier to break down than to build, they will know that true satisfaction only comes from knowing that you have worked for it, and achieved it!

I wonder, when will it be OK for me to apply for Political Refugee status … when a 1000 of my fellow white countrymen are dead?

Ai ai …