Compassion is Colourless

By Jacob L Bane

I’ve spent the better part of this and last week trawling through masses of messages, emails, websites, news articles, historical videos and petitions about Palestine and Israel. I’ve been aware of the crisis for many years but what’s happening now seems frighteningly final.

You’d have to be living under a rock on the dark side of the moon not to be aware of it, even if the facts or details escape you; from the initial ‘retaliation’ on Tuesday 8th July after falsified assassinations of three Israeli youths, supposedly carried out by Hamas ‘terrorists’, to the horror of the four Bakr boys killed indiscriminately on a beach on July 16th and cast as ‘human shields’ by the IDF.

We’ve probably all seen the images of those twisted, lifeless bodies in the summer sand, seen videos of the bombing raids by IDF jets as well as the pictures of some Israelis pulling up deckchairs and cheering as explosions rocked Gaza, because one thing the internet does extremely efficiently is bring the atrocities to our eyeballs – even if we don’t want it to.

Now, compared to a lot of people on Facebook I have a modest number of friends, somewhere around 150. I can be quite a demanding FB friend too, I’m always posting something which needs attention and I generally push lots of people to respond. Often the response is good but with the Palestine situation I’ve noticed an increasing number of people turning a blind eye.

Yes, okay, you’ve had a bad day and you just want a laugh, I get that, but here’s my problem: While innocent people in Palestine are dying because our so-called political leaders are either too involved with Israel or are too busy procrastinating, I can’t rest. I can’t sit by and do nothing, I cannot turn a blind eye like so many people seem to be doing.

I’m becoming angry about this.

I log on at the moment and immediately ask, “Why the fuck is my wall not glowing red hot with Palestine/Israel posts?”

And this got me thinking.

I don’t want to turn this into a racial or religious argument, but I have to ask this solitary question: If it wasn’t Muslims being killed by the IDF and the UN/USA’s inaction, would the world be more sympathetic?

Since 9/11 the world’s view of Muslims has been tainted by a media steered by an elitist group with a political agenda as nefarious as Hitler’s (and Benjamin Netenyahu’s). The average man in the street will tell you he has no time for them or thinks they are dangerous and can’t be trusted. I hear this all the time, especially from the western hemisphere. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, both vituperated in the media, are forever cast in stone as demons and figureheads of Muslim nations that bred terrorist organisations – all highly questionable, yet widely accepted.

This vilification has damaged, even destroyed the reputation of Muslims all over the world and mistrust is often the first response from many people.

I wonder, if we were seeing blonde haired, pale skinned children dying on a beach, how would the western world respond? Would we see trade sanctions in place already? Would we see UN jets flying in and dropping nukes?

The UN/USA is playing a double standards game because Israel has contravened more UN laws than Iraq, yet America hasn’t charged in there to stomp all over them. We know the USA has been bankrolling Israel, we know it has sold them weapons and if we think about it, we can see that Gaza (and what little remains of the true Palestine) presents a wonderful opportunity to move oil easily from the Middle East to the Mediterranean and out into the Atlantic.

Perhaps what we’re witnessing here is a two-fold endgame: Israel’s final solution for Palestine and America’s continuing quest to control all the oil and the ensuing economy with it.

Compassion doesn’t come in any particular colour – one size fits all and I urge you to ignore the prejudice being spread in the media and listen to your heart, see in the faces of those broken children the faces of your own brothers, sisters or children. Loss, pain, grief and tragedy are indiscriminate too.

What we need to do is hit Israel where it hurts and force them into submission by denying them trade and privileges, so, if you feel so compelled you can take action by signing the following petitions or even email Benjamin Netenyahu and the White House directly with your thoughts.

Together, we have all the power in the world.

Avaaz trade sanctions petiton trade sanctions petiton

Email The White House

Email Benjamin Netenyahu

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