The Void – What will Malema’s expulsion bring?

The ANC has finally taken a strong stance against dissidents within the party, but what does that mean for the normal South African?

Very little I am sad to say.

One would be foolish to think that the expulsion of Malema and Shivambu had anything to do with the “Greater Good” of the South African society.  No, this is all about power struggles within the ANC self, and the “sickness” which befalls most African presidents,  namely the lust to stay in power for as long as possible.

Zuma didn’t axe the “little” King Maker to do South Africans a service, no, he only did it so that he can increase his chances of securing another term in office.

Great damage was done to the “young” Prince’s political career with this very calculated move by the ANC top brass, and I would say that a lot of his teeth was knocked out with the opening round, but, this does not mean he can’t bite with what is left, nor does it mean he can’t claw and scratch his way back into the party at some later stage.  Malema has made a lot of friends, friends whom he helped to get where they are through manipulating tender processes while he was in office.  One can only imagine that Malema will now start calling in favours from those who he helped to attain power, political and financial …

At least we now have a chance to try and correct the wrongs without this specific individual polarizing the country into black (good) and white (evil), us and them categories with the “endorsement” of the ANC behind him, so now to focus on our next step, to correct the wrongs.

Malema rightly pointed out the inequities between the rich and the poor, and he was said all the right things that the poor would want to hear, but it was never about the poor, it was about personal power and wealth, and getting some more mileage out of the Gravy Train before it gets bled dry by the “Predators” of whom Vavi spoke.

It is my sincere hope that people from all walks of life in South Africa will open their eyes and realise what is going on in South Africa before it is too late.  We all need to stand together to raise our moral objects about how things are being run in South Africa, we need political and economical reform before we end up as every so slowly fading light like Zimbabwe.

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