Malema’s Fate

Sunday marked the closing date of the internal hearing within the ANC structures regarding their Youth League President, Julius Malema and by the end of the week we should know the fate of the charismatic leader of the uneducated, and unemployable youth.

Malema has backing from the fringes of within the ANC itself.

People like Winnie Madikizela-Mandela who has a distinguished history, during Apartheid and Post-Apartheid.  She instigated people to use the “necklace” (basically shoving a tyre(s) over the victims head, dousing it with petrol, and lighting it) way of ending the Apartheid regime,  she was convicted of the murder of Stompie Moeketsi after trying to coerce him into saying that the reverent he was staying with (which was white) sexually assaulted him, and she was convicted of corruption, fraud and theft.

Then there is Tokyo Sexwale, the Dark Horse who is so squeaky clean compared to other ANC cadres that it is creepy.  The man who I suspect is patiently waiting to for his change to run the country, and for that he needs support, support he can muster from our “youthful” Youth Leader, Julius Malema.

Personally I am of the opinion that Malema, even with his high profile ANC stalwarts who are backing him, will have a hard time to survive this encounter with the ANC top brass after the comments he made about Botswana and for trying to take the “Stari Vuk” of South Africa, Jacob Zuma who was survived worse, on without thinking it through.

Then there is also the probe into his financial assets and the alleged corruption that he is involved him, along with very senior ANC officials from the Limpopo province he hails from which will most likely get him if the ANC doesn’t get their piece of meat first.

Problem being, the gap that this “young” man will leave, and the question that needs to be asked, is who is going to fill it? Someone even more militaristic?

And how long will it be before the uneducated and unemployable masses will outnumber the semi-educated and employable masses who are now backing the “Old Guard” of Mandela’s era?

I suppose only time will tell

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