African Absolutism – Malema’s coming of age

Julius Sello Malema

Some say he is an idiot, even more say he is the biggest idiot who have walked on the face of the earth and that he has no idea what is going on around him, that he has lost touch with the suffering of the poor … other say he is the new face of change within the ANC party, a future leader and president of South Africa … I say bollocks.

Malema - The Youth

This man (please not I did not use the term boy or youth, since I believe that one is far beyond being a youth at the age of 30) might be the incarnation of Hitler on the African continent, true to the core demagogue, with a slowly but surely growing army of unemployable, unthinking, irrational and violent minions supplied by the lack of commitment to the education system by the “ruling” ANC party,  to do his bidding because of the nationalization he preaches from his luxurious houses and cars all while playing the race card that he has called Apartheid.

Malema - ANCYL Elections

Malema is a dangerous, calculating individual who has very little respect for anything or anything around him, least to say for ethics.

He has been in the news countless of times, and almost everyone in South Africa knows of him, he is the radical and unstable individual who some adore and others hate.  He was a staunch ally of at the time incumbent presidential wanna-be Jacob Zuma, who shouted he was a 100% behind Zuma, and that they (the Youth League) would kill for Zuma, he was dragged to court over making sexist and chauvinistic remarks about the woman who claimed she was raped by Zuma, he attack then president Thabo Mbeki and he even went as far as to say Robert Mugabe was a true leader for the African people under him, and he lambasted Morgan Tsvangirai as being in league with the “Western Imperialists”

Give them Cake

Merely two weeks ago he sang praise to the despot Gadaffi who was killed after a NATO led attack on his convey.

Yes, the man sure has some odd taste, or maybe it’s just an acquired taste … something you grow into, being from a poor family and slowly working your way up the ladder of the ANCYL and becoming a prominent figure in local politics, like some would say, a “King Maker”.  It must be hard for this man to taste the riches and the power which his political connections bring him, or is it?

Malema has grown, from a skinny boy who illegally pulled down NP posters back in the days, to a a youth who battled to get through secondary school, and finally “graduated” at the age of 21 whilst failing most of his subjects to a ANCYL fat cat who allegedly has his fingers in more than a couple of tender irregularities all over the show.

Chubby Checker doing the Twist

He has friends in high places, friends who will be part of the future leaders of this country, and that scares me.

That a man, who is openly calling for “war” and threatening about blood being spilled if they (the ANCYL) do not have their way with the nationalization of mines, along with the redistribution on land without compensation and re-writing the Constitution is hailed a hero by the uneducated and unemployable youth,  masses fill me with fear.

He is a great chameleon with unequalled charisma between his peers, because he is saying all the right-wrongs are the right times, to the right target group, which is his little army, but as I said earlier, this little army is growing, and I fear for the future of my country.

For me, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Malema’s face says a lot in this last picture.

"Don't touch me on my studio"

I wish the ANC will make it a priority to ramp up the education system, at least then we know that the masses of tomorrow will not dream of pies in the sky, nor will the eat up every world about economic freedom from a despot in the making as if it was cake … They will know it’s easier to break down than to build, they will know that true satisfaction only comes from knowing that you have worked for it, and achieved it!

I wonder, when will it be OK for me to apply for Political Refugee status … when a 1000 of my fellow white countrymen are dead?

Ai ai …

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