March for Economic Freedom … and the Red Tide it ushers …

Economic Freedom?

I doubt the people who “demand” this actually knows what it means.  Who really has the economic freedom to do what they want, when they want?

For a nation of about 50 million (that we know about) this would mean that each and every one of them would be able to do what the want, when they want and without worrying about where where the money is coming from … something totally unrealistic, but something the uneducated masses will follow, since they look up to corrupt individuals who are living exactly that type of lifestyle … our only saving grace here in South Africa until now has been that this type of lifestyle was limited to a select few of elite individuals who have/had strong political ties.

Greed is killing my nation, and it’s not stopping there, it’s festering like infection, slowly spreading across the globe, and it’s killing my world.

Today Julius Malema are leading a group of people in a self styled “Occupy Wall Street” maneuver to try and express their dismay about “whites” having all the riches in South Africa and not sharing, but that is only the smoke and mirrors part, he is actually fighting for survival in the ANC because of the enemies he made, and rightly so, since the ANC knows that a country of 50 million is being carried by a taxable income earning payer base of 4-5 million, most of them educated Whites, with a small percentage of educated Blacks, Indians, and Coloureds, the rest being cadre’s of the ANC government who are black, Indian or Coloured.

Sadly though for South Africa, the last bastion of culture and hope on the dark African continent, the “young” leaders do not the understand the reality of the situation, nor do they understand the symbiosis between the “great” colour divide of black and white in South Africa, which is totally unique to the rest of the world.

The reality is that neither group can thrive, or even survive without each other!

In reality, nearly 18 years down the path of The Rainbow Nation very little has changed, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. This is not due to fault on the normal citizens who live their lives, walk their beat and draw their pay, no, this is the fault of a Government who’s members have pushed the limits on self-enrichment at the cost of their fellow countrymen.

You see communist leaders in Government spending millions of taxpayer money on their own personal power trips, you see millions being spend on renovations of homes for the leading party members along with millions being spend on inaugurations of party members, while they promise to better education, social well fare, medical services, housing and basics like clean water, electricity and sewage, but, you never actually see them do the deed.

With the majority of the uneducated black populace, who are now being indoctrinated that the minority of the whites are still “stealing” their ANC “promised” riches from them, I can only see misery, I see a country being torn apart from the inside out, another “failure” on the African continent.

God knows, I hope that somewhere someone like Zwelinzima Vavi decides to make a stand and pull the reigns in on this out of control horse.

If there was any hope for stability and a true Rainbow Nation, it lies inside of him.  He is a communist with a plan, but that is not his best quality, he is a communist who will see the right thing being done towards everyone by stomping out the cancer of corruption which is taking us backwards instead of forwards.

Viva Vavi!

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