Gaddafi’s Death – Media Coverage

Firstly I must say that there is little love lost between me and a man who is willing to kill his own people because of the mistakes he made, but, two wrongs don’t make a “right”.

Since early afternoon we’ve been getting reports here in South Africa regarding Gaddafi’s death, and we, like the most of the world by now who follows current affairs, have by now seen the very graphic and disturbing images in our local media showing a dead man.

Sure, it’s not the first dead man that we’ve seen, but if the media (foreign and local) want to publish these kind of graphic images of a man who has family that love/loved him, then they can also publish photos and videos of every day murders and accidents, and not only the high profile sensational ones.

I must say, my stomach turns at the idea that our local News24 Agency is showing this type of footage … that a man, even if a devil to most people around the globe, who was a father, a brother, and uncle and a grandfather, can be treated with so little respect after death.

It truly disgusts me … I will remember this day because of his loved one’s, not because a tyrant was shot, killed and treated like a dead animal

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