Education – The road to Freedom

I live in a country which is plagued by corruption and maladministration in most of it’s crucial functions.

One of these, which I believe is the most crucial towards building a better future for everyone in the country and not just a specific group of people is education.  Sadly, the Education system is rifled with horrible maladministration and a poor curriculum which is failing not only the country, but the children in the system who are tomorrows voter base.

Prof. Jonathan Jansen says in his article on Mediocrity the following:

With the young woman’s claim to study I have no problem. With the society that sets the bar for performance so low, I have serious problems.

Here is where I whole heartedly agree with Prof. Jansen.  We as a society are allowing for the creation of drones, where we actually need to cater for the creation of mentally liberated young entrepreneurs who can take the country, and the global community further.

Through education one will be able to liberate yourself in various way, most importantly from a Government who does not really rely on the votes of intellectuals who can distinguish between wrong and right and what is best for the country or not, but who relies on the fear of the uneducated masses with a dash religious fear mongering ahead of election time.

This will pave the way for a Government who will take the tax money which everyone pays to better local communities as a whole instead of MP’s or parliament lining their own pockets at the cost of the poor and destitute.

Being a teacher is still a noble profession, and one has to do it out of passion, and not because of the need for the pay cheque at the end of the month.  Between the teachers of today, and the children in our classes we can build a better tomorrow for everyone.

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